Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beauty FAQ #6: Did You Know?

Q: Is there a quick and natural way to get a face-lift?

A: Yes. Separate an egg, whisk the white until slightly stiffer then apply to the face for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. It is best to practice this at least once a week.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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Source: Ask; the 1,000 most asked questions about BEAUTY by Bella Blissett

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pickup A Trend: Purple Drama

Life is a drama, so act it up!
Here's a look I did when I feel dramatic...hehe
Since I FINALLY bought my camera charger, here's some pictures I took using a 'proper' camera...

:: Purple Drama ::

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Makeup Haul for Week 090511 & 160511

I took a 4 days trip to Hong Kong last weekend and boy, how I really needed a vacation + shopping theraphy. Yeap, you guessed 4 days in Hong Kong was spent to do nothing but shopping till 1.00am !!!

*sigh* I wish Malaysia's shops close late like shops in Hong Kong....

Amongst the things I bought recently, some from good ol' Malaysia and some from Hong Kong; are....

1) L'oreal RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Cream for Night
Price: RM 49.90
Got it for: RM 39.90

2) L'oreal RevitaLift White Anti-Wrinkle and Spot Corrector Day Cream with SPF 18
Price: RM 15.90

What's New: BB Cream Wonder

Yes dear, BB Cream a.k.a Blemish Balm Cream is the way to go this year.

What started of as a foundation for post-cosmetic surgery or laser treatment made popular by the Asians is now stampeding into the Western World.

BB Cream is no ordinary cream (duh!). What's great about it is that is a Wonder-cream that covers Sunscreen, Moisturiser, Pore-refiner (temporary) and foundation all in a tube.  Isn't it wonderful...?

It glides smoothly onto your skin and your face will appear, fairer, smoother and radiant in an instant! So it is no wonder that giant cosmetic companies are hopping onto the bandwagon.

Those days, the more popular BB Creams originated from Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong. Brands like BRTC, Missha, Dr Jart, Skin 79, Face Shop and Etude etc.

Nowdays, moveover Asian labels and let's welcome....


Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty FAQ #5: Did You Know?

Q: Why won't my foundation go on smoothly?

A: If you're already exfoliated and moisturised before applying your foundation, facial hair could be the problem. If you suffer from excess hair, get it threaded to stop your foundation from caking on the hairs and making them look more obvious. Another way to achieve smooth foundation is by using a face primer prior to applying foundation.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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Source: Ask; the 1,000 most asked questions about BEAUTY by Bella Blissett

Product Review: Hada Labo Gokujyun Makeup Remover

Ok, so everybody knows Hada Labo product was a sensation last year. Who has never seen their gimmick '1 sold every 4 seconds!'. Yes, that is how sensationalised Hada Labo products were.

Prior to Hada Labo, the name super-hyaluronic acid was totally alien to me. Infact, it sounds scary. But, thanks to the Japanese innovation, super hyaluronic acid is the latest must-have in every girls drawer!

Let's pronounce it slowl...h-ya-lu-ro-nic or bahasa baku 'hai-ya-lu-ro-nik' acid.
God know why they can't find a shorter-word-easier-to-say name, gosh!

If you notice, I am an avid-user of hada labo products and has stayed loyal to it for quite some time. Read here and here.

My latest collection of the Hada Labo series is the Gokujyun Makeup Remover which I blogged about the purchase here.


I must say, this makeup remover strikes me as a cleansing oil at first but oh boy, I was fooled.
Surprisingly the texture is runny and watery, yeap, just like the other Hada Labo products...water. It contains no alcohol, fragrance nor any traces of oil. Like I said, it's just water, a SUPER water.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beauty FAQ #4: Did You Know?

Q: "What is co-enzyme Q10?"

A: In many people over the age of 30 years old, levels of co-enzyme Q10 are below optimum, lessening the body's ability to produce collagen. This antioxidant is used in anti-aging products to help boost skin repair and rejuvenation and smooth out you lines.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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Source: Ask; the 1,000 most asked questions about BEAUTY by Bella Blissett

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beauty FAQ #3: Did You Know?

Q: "Do I really need seperate Day & Night creams?"

A:While day creams should provide a barrier to moisture loss, protect against sun and environmental damage, and work in tandem with your makeup, the role of night cream is different. Richer in texture, night creams usually contain higher concentrations of active ingredients designed to repair the while we sleep. A night cream is too heavy for day and a day cream won't give you the full replenishing benefits at night.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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Source: Ask; the 1,000 most asked questions about BEAUTY by Bella Blissett

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's New: Ahoy! Bronzer...

Today, let's talk about Bronzer...ok, this may not appeal to most Asians since we are in a totally different race as compared to the westerners -  the race to be the 'fairest girl of us all...' :D But, it doesn't hurt to learn a bit about bronzers, no?

Since Summer is around the corner (not for us Malaysian though, Summer is forever for us! :P), most beauty giants are releasing their summer product line. The main highlight would definitely be....their Bronzer!

I personally don't wear any brozers but recently, after swatching the Guerlain Terra Inca bronzer, it was my first love for bronzer! What I liked about Terra Inca is that it's shimmery (yes, I have weakness for all things shimmery and glittery!) and when the MUA applied it on me, it made me look like I've been kissed by the sun in a very sexy way.

However, I believe it takes skill to apply a bronzer especially on us Asian. Cause if you put on too much of it, you'll end up looking like a clown. Always choose a bronzer that is between 2-3 shades darker than your skin but it MUST complement your skin's undertones. My advise is that you should consult with a professional MUA before buying any bronzers...

Anyway, here's a few recently launched Bronzers....

includes the infamous Orgasm Blusher, Albatross & Laguna Bronzer



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pickup A Trend: Shimmer White

What I really love about this make up-do is that it's hassle-free, quick and versatile enough to match with any outfit :)

:: Shimmer White ::

The Face Shop Products used for this makeup-do...
(Back-from left)
1) Lovely Meex Eyes BK905 (cream) Grey e/s,

2) Lovely Meex Eyes PP402 (shimmer) Light purple e/s,
3) Lovely Meex Eyes WH003 (shimmer) White e/s,

Beauty FAQ #2: Did You Know?

Q: "What are AHAs? Is it suitable for all skin type?"

A: Alpha Hydroxy Acids, derived from fruit or milk sugars. They work to exfoliate the skin and promote the growth of new cells, giving a more youthful complexion. Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane, lactic acid from milk, malic acid from apples and pears, citric acid from oranges and lemons and tartaric acid from grapes.

Beware the influence of advertising. AHAs are marketed as miracle skin ingredients but they're often too harsh for sensitive skins and unneccessary for young skins. They may be exfoliating agents, but too much scraping away the upper layers of skin can leave it more exposed to environmental damage and aging.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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Source: Ask; the 1,000 most asked questions about BEAUTY by Bella Blissett

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review: theBalm Balm Shelter

I once heard someone saying that once you've tried tinted moisturiser, you're definitely gonna be hooked!
Maybe, not in my case....

As you would've read in my previous entries here, I was 'lusting' for theBalm BalmShelter tinted moisturiser. So, I finally bought it earlier this month here and here's a share of my likes and dislikes....


You could read more on theBalm BalmShelter here.

Overall, I like the packaging and the fact that it comes in a squeez-y tube that allows me to squeeze out the tinted moisturiser easily with no mess at all. It comes in a 64ml tanned orange tube with grey cap which was double the size of a normal foundation.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ask Me: My Current Beauty Regime

I received a couple of emails requesting me to share my daily beauty regime...

Really, I am not one that stick to one regime FOREVER because I tend to change my beauty products every now and then. Why? Because I find that at some point of time, certain products stopped working on my skin. It's like as if my skin is immune to the product and I just don't see the same result as I did the first time I used it. So, I jump to a different product hence the endless list of skincare I've used all this while.

What's funny is that, sometimes after a couple of brand-swapping, I find that I'll end up with the same products I've used in the beginning but ditched along the way, again! Haha, it's like as if I've completed a full cycle and came back to the same start.

So, the following is my CURRENT beauty routine and mark my words, I may swap some products in the near future....:P

Product Review: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation

Earlier, I mentioned about the new Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation (click here).

I haven't had much experience with makeup line produced by Asian companies, in this case, a Japanese company. I received a sample of the Shiseido Perfect Refining foundation in #O40 Natural Fair Ochre few weeks ago, so here's my thoughts on it...


I went to Sogo recently to have a look at the foundation and was surprised to see that the packaging looked rather small for a RM130 worth of product. Relief came when I flipped the foundation and saw that this little container actuals holds up 30ml of the foundation. To be honest, I actually walked up to the nearest Lancome counter to double check whether 30ml is an appropriate amount of foundation. Heh.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beauty FAQ #1 : Did You Know???

Q: "Are fragrance-free products safer?"

A: Artificial fragrances, which are added to cosmetics, can be harmful. There are now laws governing the labelling of products with frangrance-free or unscented, so even these products may contain chemicals to mask the fatty smell of soap in cosmetics. Check out the small print for each ingredients.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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Source: Ask; the 1,000 most asked questions about BEAUTY by Bella Blissett

My Makeup Haul for week 250411 & week 020511

Yes, I skipped a few bad!

This few weeks I've been a very bad,bad girl....I burst my budget! Bohooo!

Goodies from SaSa!

1) Hada Labo Makeup Remover
Price: RM 37.00

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What's New: Pastels & Pinks!

::MAC Quite Cute Collection::

This Spring, MAC goes cutesy by introducing their brand new line in all pastels and sweet. Colors like pastel pinks, purples, greens and creams are the current 'in' colors this season. In honour of everything cute, MAC took a step further by burning a lil' heart in the middle of its pastel-sweet mineralize blushers, awww~ !

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Review: Dior Addict Lipstick

Like I promised earlier, here's a brief review of the new Dior Addict Lipstick who featured the sexy and glamorous supermodel Kate Moss as their new brand ambassador.

Dior presents you a total of 56 selection of pink lipsticks inspired by John Galliano and the runway for their 2011 Spring/Summer collection. Color varies from pale pink to bright hot pink which is the current season must have for lipsticks. Think spring and all its blooming flowers.

Before I purchased my Dior Addict, I was contemplating between the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and Lancome L'Absolu Nu Rouge lipstick. The difference between these lipsticks produced by the 3 giant cosmetic companies in France is really nothing much. They each produce sheer-colored and balmy lipstick that promises to enhance your natural pink lips and moisturise it at the same time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Announcing the Opening of Sephora at Starhill Gallery, KL

Yes my darlings....Sephora is finally here!
Opposite Pavillion....ain't that wonderful!

Gone are the days we wait patiently for our precious parcels from United States
Gone are the days we participate in sprees and we crazily punch in numbers calculating the price after the exchange rate
Gone are the days we admire and envy beauty products from far cause it's not available in Malaysia and you dare not purchase it for fear of getting the wrong color cause you can't test the colors out! T_T

All hail....SEPHORA....

I received an email inviting me to their opening on the 28 April 2011 at 12.30pm.
Unfortunately, *sobs* I had this super duper important meeting scheduled at 12.00pm so I had to pass.
I did however, asked around if any of my friends will be heading to Sephora and sadly everyone was too busy....

However, finally I managed to pay a short visit last weekend so here's some pictures I took (yes, via my 'super' handphone :P)

Pickup A Trend: Romantique Pink

:: Romantique Pink ::

I did this look using the L'oreal Star Secrets Shadow Quad by Michele Yeoh

Credit to icyabstract
I used all 4 colors


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