Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Product Review: Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence & Night Restoring Cream

Hello beautiful,

As promised earlier, let's have a look at Olay White Radiance with CelLucent skincare line...

I know, i'm a tad bit late but as they say better late than never.
After reading and googling, I've finally decided to give Olay another try.

My past experience with Olay was OK (the Olay Total Effect serum, the one with Siti Nurhaliza on it =P) however, there was one product I used from Olay that gave me pimple-fest after my first application. So, with that in mind, trying out another Olay product give me the queasy feeling in the gut. But after much fact-finding, I've managed to muster some courage to give the White Radiance CelLucent range a try...*cross fingers*

Olay recently (not so recent-lah) launched its two new product range:

1) Olay White Radiance CelLucent

2) Olay Regenerist with Micro Sculpting

I was contemplating whether to get both or just one. I finally decided to go for the White Radiance range not the Regenerist range since after reading the description from the box; I found out that the Regenerist range tackles issues experienced by mature skin such as fine lines, and skin elasticity and the White Radiance is meant for the 20s - 30s people who want an even and brighten complexion.

*Sigh* if only they could come out with one product that solves both problems - even skin complexion AND combats fine lines and plump up your skin. :P

So, you ask me why do I want to be fairer than I already am???

Actually, even I made the same mistake of thinking that whitening products makes the skin fairer which is a definitely NOT TRUE to some point.

Yes, most whitening products do make you look fairer.

But it is for products that states - skin dermabrasion and skin-peeling is what makes you look pale and white. How? By bleaching out your skin by means of scraping off your immediate skin cells and exposing your amatuer skin cells which are not ready to be exposed to the sun. So these under-developed cells tends to be pale as it has not been exposed to the sun.  And that my dear friends, products you may want to avoid as it is harsh and it's not good for your skin in the long run, worst the effect is only temporary.

But with other whitening products what it does is really to even out your complexion by reducing skin pigmentations, sun burns and appearance of scars that makes your face look blotchy. So, you'll end up with a more radiant looking skin, free from impurities and this makes you look brighter. Keyword here is BRIGHTEN! not white/pale/sick-looking !!

There are two main product under the White Radiance CelLucent line:-

a) Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Cream

b) Olay white Radiance CelLucent White Essence

I didn't get the CelLucent White Cream after reading a couple of negative reviews from beauty bloggers in Asia. Though I find the memory foam effect quite interesting, but I gave it a pass when I read that this cream will cause a breakout! Heck, even a lady of 50s got a zit using this cream and yes, in your 50s getting a zit is TOTALLY out of your league! ;)

So, I settled for the Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence and the White Radiance night restoring cream.


White Radiance CelLucent White Essence

I could sigh with relief as this serum didn't cause any breakouts and what I like about it is that you only need two drops for your face, neck and de'colletage (yes, don't to forget to spread some goodness here too!). Since it is a serum, its texture light and is somewhat between a cream and water, so it is easy to spread across your face and it absorbs into the skin less than a minute.

White Radiance Night Restoring Cream

Although this night cream has been around for quite some time, nevertheless the new packaging gave a more elegant appearance and ehem, intrigues me into purchasing it. heh. (sucker!)

What I love most about this cream is its rich texture that moisturises my skin through the night leaving my skin smooth and soft in the morning. I notice that this night cream helps reduce the appearance of my pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines that I have underneath my eyes and does not clogged my pores. I really love what it does to my skin and I am truly happy with the result I see. It evens out my complexion and my skin look healthier and brighter.

After 1 month of using the Olay Night Restoring Cream and two weeks of consistently using the White Essence after my moisturiser, I received quite a number of remarks (even from strangers) that my skin is fairer. No, don't get me wrong, I know my skin IS quite fair but when I received the same comment from my favourite MAC Sales Assistant who said that my skin is a tone fairer than usual, I'm convinced! As a result, I had to purchase a foundation than is 1 tone lighter than my usual. =D I also noticed that my pimple scars has lighten and my face looks even and is now less oily.

So, in conlcusion....I can safely say that this two combo works quite well for me and will definitely stay in my beauty regime.

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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  2. Night Cream Olay and restore its consistent use of works Essence White. I received many comments, even strangers that my skin is fair.

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  3. sir kindly tel me how can i purchase olay natural white day cream in pakistan or how can you can post me and also tel me pakistani price.



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