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Product Review: L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift White Day Cream

Dearest beloved readers,

Forgive me, for I have sinned...to be exact, I LIED.
I promised a couple of reviews in my previous entry and yes, I failed to keep my promises.
Bak kata pepatah Melayu, menanam tebu di bibir and I'm guilty as charged.

So, to redeem myself...I promise (yes, another promise!) to blog about all the reviews I mentioned in my earlier posts and those that I have thought of reviewing yet haven't gotten around doing so and those that I promised the lovely people whom emailed/text me requesting for special reviews.

No need name dropping, you know who you are...*winks gedik*

Ok, onto our topic for today.
But, before that...have a look at this picture:-

Source: MyMetro
What do you think???

Yes...woowwwww! So pretty, right?!
It's Maya Karin and her sister (God knows what's her name, and I'm lazy to google it) in L'Oreal's latest advertisement promoting its newly packaged L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift White Day Cream.

I may have mentioned this once before but I'll mention it again. That I am a total SUCKER when it comes to advertisement. When I see people or something I like on the ad, I'm totally sold!

Example: if I watch the CocaCola TV Commercial doing the 'Brrrr...' thing, next thing I know...I want a can of cola. Oh, did I mentioned that I'm also a sucker for mannequin. If it looks good on a mannequin, than you'll see me skipping along getting the exact outfit. Same goes to beauty product, however, most of the time I do a bit of R&D before purchasing. Still there are times that I go to a beauty bar and say "Excuse me, I want this lipstick (points out to the model in the picture). And I want that when I use it, it'll be the exact color like hers (points out to the model again)." *Sigh*

So, yes...I fell for the above Ad by L'Oreal and bought the RevitaLift White Day cream and RevitaLift Firming Cream for Night in a jiffy. Yeap, I blogged about it here.


1) L'Oreal RevitaLift White Day Cream + Spot Corrector (white tub)

When I first opened the tub, I quickly picked up a scent. It smells like a wax-y cream, you know like the smell of sunscreen / sun block. And this definitely turned me off a little. The texture is thick and rich and you just need a little to cover your whole face. However, after applying it...my face felt like there was a layer of cream on my face. Like a protection shield. And I say this not in a good way. It was uncomfortable.

By midday, I noticed how my face turned oilier than usual and I was shiny like a christmas tree. The product promised to lift your face and sadly, I didn't quite felt it. I know it's a little too soon to notice whether my face is 'lifted' but I am a woman with NO PATIENCE. So, nope I don't quite like this. However, I'll still give it a benefit of the doubt...that maybe, maybe after a prolong usage of this cream you face will truly be 'lifted'. Nevertheless, I think it did a pretty OK job of moisturising my face. And yes, I guess it did help a little to reduce the appearance of my scars on my face.

Would I recommend this? Not really.
Although it's fairly cheap as compared to most skincare products, I still believe that L'Oreal could have done better with this product line. I was expecting a lot more than this.

2) L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Cream for Night (red tub)

Now, this is what I expected from L'Oreal Paris. This is more like it.
If compared to the earlier, this product is so much better. I say, this is a reasonably priced, gets the job done, great Night Cream.

I have raved about the Olay White Radiance night cream before on how it lightens your scars and pigmentations bringing about a radiant glow. Well this this cream on the other hand, helps firms and tones your skin. It's like Step 2 after the Olay phase.

I know, it's crazy to be using 2 types of night cream...but really, both product complements' each other. If only there's one that could have the best of both world *sigh* Yes Liyana, and many beauty companies will go bankrupt because of this...

I've thrown away the day cream and I'm sticking to its night cream. I simply love it and am still using it till today. I like how it makes my face feel supple and moisturised in the morning like as if my skin was soaking in aqua over night.

Would I recommend this? Definitely YES!
Best part is that my fine wrinkles (yes, I have some! *sobs*) underneath my eyes is less obvious eversince I started using this night cream. So, kudas to L'Oreal for this quality-newly packaged night cream!

Have a go, and don't forget to share with me your take on these creams. Would love to hear it ;)

Source: pia-pinkylita

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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  1. The Revitalift eye cream is non-irritating, very light, conveniently packaged, and of course, affordable.

  2. I'm using the day cream, and the facial foam. The foam makes my skin so dry, it started flaking. In the other hand the day cream makes my face so oily. Even when I applied makeup over it. Fail. :( But I'm willing to try the night cream after your review. :)



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