Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hydrate Much?

Okay, try rank these following concerns according to your priority.

Anti-aging / Hydration / Brightening & Whitening / Clarifying

1. Hydration
2. Clarifying
3. Anti-aging
4. Brightening/Whitening

I cannot say how much I value hydration. I know it's all aqua but seriously, I tell you, hydration has helped me achieved the current skin that I have today.

From my experience, if your skin is well-hydrated...

  • You skin will be less oily, especially during midday (I know, funny right. You need to hydrate for your skin to produce less oil)
  • Your skin is blemishes-free, zit-free (except during that time of the month)
  • Your skin will look more healthy & radiant
  • Your skin doesn't wrinkle way earlier than it should! Yeayyy...

YES!!! The clarifying, brightening and anti-aging thing really boils down to one important factor - HYDRATION people!

And that's why I reaaaaallllllyyyyy hydrate well. Plus it doesn't help that I am an avid coffee-drinker and I hate air masak cause its tasteless! Heehee.

Here's the products I used to combat oily + blemish skin:-

Okay, next post...I promise to talk more about Laneige super hydrating skincare line.
Believe me, it will not be so hard on your wallet. Very affordable!

For now, I need to pack for Ipoh.
Any Ipoh people out there? I need to know the best place to eat in Ipoh :)

Road Trip! Yeayyy!

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Pick Up A Trend : Red Nude

Hello dear beauty friends,

Moi, the LocoLola
Crinkle Shawl by Shreedha Fadhreen Collection

I have to admit, ever since I donned the hijab. I try my best not to wear over the top (OTT) makeup. In Islam, aurath (Aurat) is not only about covering parts of your body but also to up dress and carry yourself modestly. And OTT makeup is a big No-No in being modest. :)

Get this look:-

Laura Mercier Foundation with SPF15
Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Loose Powder with SPF15

MAC Expensive Pink - all over lid
MAC Woodwinked - Outer V-corner
MAC Satin Taupe - Inner V-corner
MAC Naked Lunch - beneath brows
Elianto Charocoal Black crayon eyeliner
Maybelline Brow Liner in Dark Brown

MAC Mineralise Blusher in Rhapsody 2 (my all time favourite blusher & highlighter)

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuschia (not in the picture. I only put it on when I was to about to go out)

I had to go a bit nude cause the outfit I was wearing for the day was quite intense. Especially the red & black shawl. Here's what I wore...

Top by Dorothy Perkins RM75, Crinkle Shawl by Shyreedha RM20
*Note: Please ignore the hint of my double chin -__-'

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Eid Mubarak | Discount Diva


I hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak!
I hope you had fun sharing great moments with family and your closed ones.

I have always been a believer that NOT all things Expensive are Good and NOT all things Good are Expensive. I believe to look & feel good on a joyous celebration such as the recent Raya Aidiladha one need not spend extravagantly.

I am proud to call myself a Bargain/Discount Diva.
I usually put a limit to the amount of money I'm willing to spend on certain items. For me, a Blouse/Top/Shirt should be LESS than RM100, unless of course if it is made of high grade material i.e. Silk, Batik Crepe and the likes.

Why? Simply because I've been in trading business since young and frankly I know how much it costs to make a top. Heh. I'm calculative like that. And being trained as an accountant makes me more frugal. I am shrewd and picky when it comes to spending. However when I do find a good bargain with equally great product, I'll be sure to purchase at least 2 or 3 pieces in different colors. That's where my shopaholic side kicks in ^__^

Being frugal doesn't mean that I look frumpy and that I'm a cheapskate. I do spend lavishly at times, mostly during a special occasion or to reward myself after a job-well-done (will discuss on this topic in my posts later). But most of the time, I prefer the thrill of hunting for a great bargain.

When I do find a marked down, on sale, stock clearance items or the last chance clothes, I'll be sure to check all of the following:-

1) Material - must be reasonably thick and strong. Not the cheapo easy to break type of material
2) Design - must not be TOO outdated. I prefer to stick to the classic-evergreen design, much safer
3) Cutting / Color - must flaunt and hide certain features of mine. Unfortunately, everything looks good in a super-skinny-tall model (mannequin too!) but not everything looks good on us.*sigh*
4) No defects / discoloration - very important!!!

So here's some of the items I scored during my recent shopping adventure....

For Raya Aidiladha, I found this really beautiful ready to wear cotton baju kurung with flower embroidery all over. Am so happy with my purchase and received a lot of compliments too! Weee!!!

Cotton Baju Kurung with flower embroidery,
RM80 Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam

Dorothy Perkins floral chiffon top at 50% off. Yeap, half off! ^_________________^

Chiffon Jungle Leaves Printed Top
RM75 after 50% discount, Dorothy Perkins Pavilion KL

I've been eyeing the shawls from DreamCloud by Natasha Hudson for awhile now and pounced on 2 lovely shawls during their Raya Sale :))

Luna Breeze in Mustard & Peach Mustard
Before RM85, Raya Haji promo RM35 only!
from DreamCloud by Natasha Hudson

Luna Jade Shawl in Green Leopard print
Before RM90, on sale for RM55
from DreamCloud by Natasha Hudson

Now that's my kind of shopping spree :)
However, bargain-hunting shopping requires patience and it is an impromptu shopping habit. So you'll never know what you'll buy next and sometimes this may hurt your wallet a bit. -___-

Also, do be careful with the word SALE, especially those that shows you the before price on the tag and gives you crazy deals like 70% discount. Cause sometimes what some retailers do is that they will increase the price on the price tag than konon-konon give a 50%-70% to you. I've seen this happened before by notable retailers & departmental stores.

So, who said it is expensive to look beautiful? What's your shopping style and are you a Discount Diva too like me?

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Guess Who's Back from Outerspace?!

 Did you miss me? 
Awwww..... :)

Well, I'm back after a year long sabbatical from my blog.
And a lot have changed since then. 

I have a new image now *beaming with pride*
I have a new job now.
I have a new freelance job now (yes, 1 job aint enough to support my shopping~!)

I changed my pen name to Lily Liyana. 
Cause I found out a lot of people can't pronounce 'Mariella' well. Including my parents! (Hi Abah~!). Plus nothing wrong with my real name anyway, cuma tak glamour sangat je.

I added 'LocoLola' behind my blog name. Cause I'm a 'loco' girl who just can't stop shopping. 
Yeap, that part of me has never improved. Only worsen. *sigh*

I'm addicted to Instagram now. Add me: liyanalalala

So, let's do a bit of catch up yeah?

Till then....
Lily Liyana

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Product Review: SimplySiti Clear Solution Charcoal Cleanser

Happy Tuesday!

To be honest, (yes, this time I am NOT lying *peace*) I wanted to blog about a month ago but decided not to cause of my recent not-so-great-skin condition.

My event - HALFEST was quite different to the other event we organise. During HALFEST we invited local celebrities to grace our event in order to build up the hype and attract more people to our event. We invited local celebrities such as Vanidah Imran (my favourite!), Aaron Aziz (ehem,ehem), legendary Sheila Majid, Awie, M.Nasir, Francessca Peters, Ziana Zain and many more.

So, one of these famous people was Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and boy, was I in awe with her. She's so pretty, I must say she's really slim in real life and on top of that; very, very friendly. I fell in love with her instantly. I wasn't really a fan before, but now I'm goo-goo-ga-ga-ing over her!

Man, I'm easily drowned in all the power of charisma and fame. I know right, SUCKER! T__T

Bedazzled...I gave in and finally bought my first SimplySiti product. I know right, HOPELESS SUCKER!! T____T


To be safe, I bought the SimplySiti Clear Solution Charcoal Cleanser. I thought hey, a cleanser wouldn't do as much harm as a moisturiser/lotion/cream etc. right?

Nope. I was WRONG!

In my defense I'm not trying to bring Siti Nurhaliza's products down. After all she is one of our valued exhibitor. I believe her products have made a lot of ladies happy. (I know, triple SUCKER!!! Can't help it...she's really nice O.O and I like her, OK!)

But unfortunately for me, it didn't really do its job. Maybe I am allergic to charcoal, kan? 
*cricket sounds*

(Sejak bila pun entahlah. God woman! Stop making stupid excuses. Honest promised honest review to your readers!)

Ok, yeah...the SimplySiti Charcoal Cleanser gave me these! (warning: gross picture ahead)

I really want to love it. So badly that I tried and...I was really forcing myself to believe that the Siti Nurhaliza cleanser didn't gave me these bumps. But, who am I kidding. My daily beauty regime is the same and the only thing which was different was the cleanser.

Muka excited tak boleh blah!


I'm sorry Siti Nurhaliza *puppy eyes* I guess, we were not meant to be together....
(ok, drama giler!)

And FYI, those bumps are ridiculously hard to get rid off. I'm back to my good 'ol Hada Labo beauty regime and those bumps are still there! Heaven sake it's been a month already. Pfftt.....

So, have you tried any of SimplySiti's product?
Do share *winks*

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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