Monday, October 8, 2012

Guess Who's Back from Outerspace?!

 Did you miss me? 
Awwww..... :)

Well, I'm back after a year long sabbatical from my blog.
And a lot have changed since then. 

I have a new image now *beaming with pride*
I have a new job now.
I have a new freelance job now (yes, 1 job aint enough to support my shopping~!)

I changed my pen name to Lily Liyana. 
Cause I found out a lot of people can't pronounce 'Mariella' well. Including my parents! (Hi Abah~!). Plus nothing wrong with my real name anyway, cuma tak glamour sangat je.

I added 'LocoLola' behind my blog name. Cause I'm a 'loco' girl who just can't stop shopping. 
Yeap, that part of me has never improved. Only worsen. *sigh*

I'm addicted to Instagram now. Add me: liyanalalala

So, let's do a bit of catch up yeah?

Till then....
Lily Liyana

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