Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Product Review: SimplySiti Clear Solution Charcoal Cleanser

Happy Tuesday!

To be honest, (yes, this time I am NOT lying *peace*) I wanted to blog about a month ago but decided not to cause of my recent not-so-great-skin condition.

My event - HALFEST was quite different to the other event we organise. During HALFEST we invited local celebrities to grace our event in order to build up the hype and attract more people to our event. We invited local celebrities such as Vanidah Imran (my favourite!), Aaron Aziz (ehem,ehem), legendary Sheila Majid, Awie, M.Nasir, Francessca Peters, Ziana Zain and many more.

So, one of these famous people was Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and boy, was I in awe with her. She's so pretty, I must say she's really slim in real life and on top of that; very, very friendly. I fell in love with her instantly. I wasn't really a fan before, but now I'm goo-goo-ga-ga-ing over her!

Man, I'm easily drowned in all the power of charisma and fame. I know right, SUCKER! T__T

Bedazzled...I gave in and finally bought my first SimplySiti product. I know right, HOPELESS SUCKER!! T____T


To be safe, I bought the SimplySiti Clear Solution Charcoal Cleanser. I thought hey, a cleanser wouldn't do as much harm as a moisturiser/lotion/cream etc. right?

Nope. I was WRONG!

In my defense I'm not trying to bring Siti Nurhaliza's products down. After all she is one of our valued exhibitor. I believe her products have made a lot of ladies happy. (I know, triple SUCKER!!! Can't help it...she's really nice O.O and I like her, OK!)

But unfortunately for me, it didn't really do its job. Maybe I am allergic to charcoal, kan? 
*cricket sounds*

(Sejak bila pun entahlah. God woman! Stop making stupid excuses. Honest review...you promised honest review to your readers!)

Ok, yeah...the SimplySiti Charcoal Cleanser gave me these! (warning: gross picture ahead)

I really want to love it. So badly that I tried and...I was really forcing myself to believe that the Siti Nurhaliza cleanser didn't gave me these bumps. But, who am I kidding. My daily beauty regime is the same and the only thing which was different was the cleanser.

Muka excited tak boleh blah!


I'm sorry Siti Nurhaliza *puppy eyes* I guess, we were not meant to be together....
(ok, drama giler!)

And FYI, those bumps are ridiculously hard to get rid off. I'm back to my good 'ol Hada Labo beauty regime and those bumps are still there! Heaven sake it's been a month already. Pfftt.....

So, have you tried any of SimplySiti's product?
Do share *winks*

Till then, good luck & stay flawless...
Mariella Liyana
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  1. akak pkai artistry...xnak try?hee~ kalo nak bgtau la...hee~

  2. Artistry ada skincare product sekali ke?
    I thought makeup je...

    Boleh jugak, ada sample tak? Nanti boleh buat review :)

  3. Whoa... camtu sekali effect SimplySiti??. So far i tak pernah try any range of the product. Sekarang i cuma guna H&G soap from Amway..

  4. yup..ada skincare product jgk..hee~ tp dia xdop r sample kecik2 tuh...hee~ kalo berminat nak tau or nk cbe t roger akak, akak trg kan..sbb amway xdop bg sample kecik2..hee~

  5. sy guna... dh seminggu dh... hmmm kulit maki lembut dan parut jerawat maki pudar.... esok sy nk beli set lengkap dh :)memg berbaloiii!!

  6. maybe you got those bumps because the charcoal was drawing the stuff out from deep down in your skin. very common to get breakouts when using something that draws out from deep within. try using the charcoal cleanser again twice daily, followed by witch hazel toner and a water based moisturiser like clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. it's expensive but 1 pump is enough for my whole face! i think if you stick with it, you will surely see breakouts first but after at least 1 week you should see clear skin.

  7. saya pernah guna produk ni,tapi lagi teruk sebab bnyak jerawat naik..sampai sekarang tak leh nak hilang jerawat kat muka..sedih sangat..dulu tak teruk macam nie.

  8. Thanks for sharing dear! I nak cuba the White & Detox night cream. Hope for no breakout in the morning.

  9. kak siti cakap . . if use his product. . dont use other else. . . jgn campur2. . . BTW. . pity to u . . =)

  10. elok ke product ni tuk muke yg bejerawat.please share..

  11. Dulu selalu pakai c bright simply siti.. Ok.. Pastu try produk ni terus jerawat naik n xnak hilang..

  12. Aaa..i pakai dh smggu..mmg rasa bersih..tp pimples naik..huhu..so now kembali pda garnier acne..



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