Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hydrate Much?

Okay, try rank these following concerns according to your priority.

Anti-aging / Hydration / Brightening & Whitening / Clarifying

1. Hydration
2. Clarifying
3. Anti-aging
4. Brightening/Whitening

I cannot say how much I value hydration. I know it's all aqua but seriously, I tell you, hydration has helped me achieved the current skin that I have today.

From my experience, if your skin is well-hydrated...

  • You skin will be less oily, especially during midday (I know, funny right. You need to hydrate for your skin to produce less oil)
  • Your skin is blemishes-free, zit-free (except during that time of the month)
  • Your skin will look more healthy & radiant
  • Your skin doesn't wrinkle way earlier than it should! Yeayyy...

YES!!! The clarifying, brightening and anti-aging thing really boils down to one important factor - HYDRATION people!

And that's why I reaaaaallllllyyyyy hydrate well. Plus it doesn't help that I am an avid coffee-drinker and I hate air masak cause its tasteless! Heehee.

Here's the products I used to combat oily + blemish skin:-

Okay, next post...I promise to talk more about Laneige super hydrating skincare line.
Believe me, it will not be so hard on your wallet. Very affordable!

For now, I need to pack for Ipoh.
Any Ipoh people out there? I need to know the best place to eat in Ipoh :)

Road Trip! Yeayyy!

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